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HTASA response to inquiries regarding the teaching of Australian History in the South Australian Curriculum (9th July 2017)


The HTASA has provided the following observations.

·       Students in Years Foundation to Year 6 and then in years 7-10 have numerous opportunities to study ‘Australian History.’

·       In F-6 students are studying excellent units of work for example on ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples,’ ‘Commemorations/Celebrations,’ and ‘Federation.’ In addition, ample opportunities now exist for teachers to incorporate local and South Australian History.

·       In Years 9 and 10 opportunities now exist for students to study in-depth units of Australian History on; WWI, WWII, ‘Making a Nation,’ ‘Rights and Freedoms,’ and ‘Migration Experiences.’

·       The HTASA recognises the New Senior SACE History Curriculum creates more opportunities for South Australian students to study Australian History.

·       For example, from 2017, at Stage 1 students can study topics such as; ‘Imperialism,’ ‘Indigenous Peoples’ and ‘Social Movements.’ All such topics lend themselves perfectly to engagement in Australian History.

·       From 2018 the SACE Stage 2 History Curriculum includes the following units of study Topic 1 in ‘Modern Nations,’ ‘Australia (1901-1956).’ In the other half of Stage 2 ‘The World since 1945,’ South Australian students have exciting options such as Topic 8: Australia’s Relationship with Asia and the South Pacific Region (1945– ), Topic 11 Challenges to Peace and Security (1945– ) and Topic 12 The United Nations and Establishment of a Global Perspective (1945– ) These topics provide ample opportunities to engage in the study of Australian History in multiple contexts.

In conclusion, the HTASA is witnessing an era where South Australian students will have studied more ‘Australian History,’ in Years F-10 than previously. In addition, the new Senior SACE History Curriculum provides a broad range of options for students to enjoy studying Modern Australian History with all of its complexities and fascinating stories. This is all possible of course due to the excellent teaching and enthusiasm of our History Teachers.

We hope this helps outline why the HTASA sees a positive future for the presence of Australian History in the South Australian Curriculum.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Foley


President, HTASA




2017 sees the introduction of the most significant changes to Stage 1 and Stage 2 History for more than a decade.  HTASA is rising to the challenge and will offer high value support to members. There will be a series of important workshops presented over the year which will facilitate curriculum change.  A clear focus is on curriculum understanding, assessment task exploration and resource distribution.    

Please keep an eye on the diary and look out for our events.  Bookings will open in the weeks preceding each event but if you are after more (or just early!) information drop at line to our Secretary David Albano (  .

In order to better serve our membership the structure of HTASA is changing in 2017.  A series of four working groups will be established and run over the year.  We will have groups specifically for

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